Tekken 8 roadmap revealed, next DLC character is Lidia Sobieski

by on April 29, 2024

Bandai Namco has released info on the Tekken 8 roadmap for the months to come, which includes the next DLC character, and battle adjustments.

The publisher says that “starting this spring, battle adjustments will be made as the development team continues to work on improving the balance of the game as well as the player experience”, adding that this Summer the first of the free updates will be released, which will add a new stage called “The Seaside Resort”, as well as the photo mode.

Check out the new trailer, below:


In the Autumn, Bandai Namco says that a new story involving Eddy Gordo will come (free) to Tekken 8, while new modes like Ghost v Ghost, and Online Practice are planned to be added “at a later date”.

Tekken 8 character pass

Last but not least, the Prime Minister of Poland, Lidia Sobieski, makes her return in TEKKEN 8! She will be available this summer with an early access for Character Year 1 Pass owners.

Hot on the heels of EVO Japan, the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR is still underway, as players across the globe compete to earn points and try to clinch a spot for the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR Finals. All details on the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR are available here.

Tekken 8 roadmap

The roadmap for free updates is pictured above.

In our review, Chris White said: “Tekken 8 feels like a new fighter in its approach to its reliance on aggression and precision. The Heat Gauge is a fantastic addition as while it does give you an opportunity to do more damage, it also can’t be taken advantage of thanks to the small window it can be used. The story is on a massive scale that brings every fighter together for a grand tale that spans every continent, and the wealth of modes and content, especially for single player, is great. It looks incredible, and the way in which the cutscenes transition to combat always caught me off guard. Oh yeah, and Tekken Ball’s back, letting you play violent volleyball as a bear fighting a robot.”

Tekken 8 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.