Behaviour surprise drops What the Fog? and it’s free for the first two million people with Behaviour accounts

by on May 14, 2024

The Dead by Daylight 8th anniversary stream was full of exciting announcements about everyone’s favourite asymmetric horror game, but that’s not all that Behaviour talked about. As a thank you to all the survivor and killer fans who have kept the game going all these years Behaviour also decided to release an entirely new game called What the Fog?, which is available right now. Not only that but it can be downloaded for free if you’re one of the first two million to request it on a new or existing Behaviour online account.

What the Fog? is a Roguelike featuring Dead by Daylight favourites Dwight and Claudette, who have been transported into a mysterious chibi artstyle world full of DOOMlike hellspawn. To escape this fate the duo must shoot wave after wave of these monsters in a third person shooter style, until they earn enough Bloodpoints to activate five generators and can move onto the next stage. It’s a relatively simple setup for a Roguelike, but after playing it for the last week I can confirm it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

All the Roguelike randomness you know and love is featured in What the Fog? too, with random perks granted at every generator and more powerful ability upgrades to choose from between levels. Using your arsenal of attacks that range from firing a bow to dropping caltrops on the variety of evil monsters is just a good old fashioned shooty bang bang good time, and if you’ve got a friend who wants to join you there are some really clever co-op mechanics that’ll make your adventure even more fun.

What the Fog? is a fun game to play regardless of the price tag, but when it’s available entirely for free then grabbing it is a no brainer. If you miss out and aren’t one of the two million who gets a copy for free though the game is also available on Steam for a fiver, which is still a steal for a fully functioning and entertaining Roguelike. If you haven’t created an account to download the game yet then What the Fog? are you doing, hurry and grab a free game now.