Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree gets new story trailer

by on May 21, 2024

FromSoftware has released a brand new story trailer for the upcoming Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree before it launches next month. The expansion is releasing on June 21, and what will more than likely be the last story trailer we will see before then, it provides some incredible action and that dark fantasy tone everybody loved back in 2022.

In ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree players step into the Realm of Shadow to explore a new adventure full of mysteries and danger, to confront threatening bosses with new weapons and armor. Follow in the footsteps of Miquella and unravel the dark side of the ELDEN RING story.

When Elden Ring released over two years ago, we adored it, and in our review we said, “on the odd occasion, this freedom can work against Elden Ring. So much has been made of the world building, and so enticing is the setting, that now and then I longed for From to just tell me some story. Give me some cutscenes, a little exposition, or maybe some direction. Because now and then it’s nothing short of intimidating. At a certain point, after defeating the first of what Elden Ring terms “Legacy bosses” I was presented with a new facet to my quest: find a specific tower to reactivate the Great Rune I had acquired. At the time I was roughly 15 hours in and suddenly I was facing four full areas to explore however I chose. The sense of awe and scale was staggering, but it led to a short period of me tentatively stabbing into the darkness before settling on a route. It’s intentional, of course, but those who crave direction or guidance might find it overwhelming.”

You can watch the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer here: