Arcade Paradise VR gets free update tomorrow

by on June 6, 2024

Nosebleed Interactive will be releasing its first free update for Arcade Paradise VR tomorrow, featuring player customisation and 11 new tracks. The customisation options will allow players to change the colour of their hands and nails, add palm decorations and more, while the music comes from Black Razor Records’ album, Out of this World.

Enter the virtual realm in Arcade Paradise VR, transporting you back to 1993 for an all-new immersive experience oozing with retro-fuelled gaming nostalgia. Taking you on an empowering journey from rags to riches, Arcade Paradise is an adventure and light-management sim combo game where you transform the decrepit King Wash laundromat into a thriving business.

To coincide with the free update coming to Arcade Paradise from June 7, there will be a 10% discount in the Meta Sale, running for two weeks. It’s the perfect time to try running a laundromat and an arcade at the same time, while removing gum and washing your customer’s unmentionables.

We loved the original Arcade Paradise when it released and said “Arcade Paradise packs a lot in to its management-lite gameplay. Running the laundromat is so satisfying, as is building your arcade with new machines to bring players in. As much fun as I had doing this, I also loved the different games you can play as you go, with more being added the more you play. The repetition can feel like a chore at times, especially when you’re trying to make money, but it isn’t long before you’ve got a lot of money in the safe to be able to add and improve your business. It looks great, and has a banging soundtrack inspired by familiar tracks of the 90s, making living life as a thriving entrepreneur well worth all the hard work.”

You can watch the Arcade Paradise VR free update trailer here: