Lightyear Frontier reveals “Making it Home” update

by on June 18, 2024

The next big update for Lightyear Frontier is coming on June 26th, as Frame Break unveils “Making it Home”, while celebrating one million unique players having played the game.

The developer explains that “The Making it Home update introduces an array of new and fan-requested enhancements, providing players with fresh ways to customise and interact with their farmsteads”, adding “Extended day cycles and shortened night cycles allow players more time to soak in the sunlight, whilst the addition of wall decorations will allow exofarmers the chance to add even more personality to their constructions. With an assortment of banners, posters, stickers, benches, lights, and more, available to craft or purchase from the merchant, there‚Äôs never been a better time to get decorating.”


We’ve got a lot more details below, from the press release:

For those looking to venture into pastures new, exploration is also set to become a whole lot easier and more enjoyable with the introduction of a new map marker system. With 1,000 stamps available between players on one server, key locations such as caves, water sources, animals, or mysterious ruins can be highlighted on the map for all to see. Further improvements to region restoration data will also provide exoframers with more clarity on upgrades required to cleanse and rejuvenate polluted lands, simplifying and streamlining the restoration process.

For those who enjoy multiplayer farming, or simply want new ways to express themselves, emotes have been integrated into Lightyear Frontier, offering players fresh avenues for self-expression. Now, both farmers and mechs can engage in a range of gestures such as waving, pointing, or displaying a heart emoji to other players. These emotes can be captured in action within photo mode, which also boasts brand-new stamps and frames, providing players with more tools than ever to personalise and share their Lightyear Frontier experience.

In addition to these features, the Making it Home update introduces several highly requested features from the community to further enrich the Lightyear Frontier experience. From the introduction of new foliage sprouts and auto collection for storage boxes and holograms to the ability to relocate existing constructs and much, much more. Players will find their farming endeavours smoother and more enjoyable than ever before as Lightyear Frontier continues to evolve, providing endless possibilities for exploration, customization, and camaraderie.

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Lightyear Frontier is available now in early access on PC via Steam, and Xbox preview programme.