Rocket League Season 15 Live Now with the Nissan Fairlady Z

by on June 7, 2024

Psyonix has launched Season 15 of Rocket League, dubbed the “SoCal” season, and gives you the chance to unlock the Nissan Fairlady Z Car Body. If you ⁠purchase Season 15’s Rocket Pass Premium, you will auto-unlock the Nissan Fairlady Z Car Body. As you go up the Tiers you’ll also unlock the punk rock-reminiscent Mosher Boost and Power Chord Goal Explosion.

New Arena and music

The new arena for Season 15 is Salty Fest, where Salty Shores is looking a little less… well, salty. The seaside view gets swapped out for stadium podiums and a skatepark.

Monstercat artists Mazare and Dead Pony provide new tunes with a mix of EDM and punk rock in this Season’s theme song “Generation Gap.” Rocket League Radio also gets a revamp as Monstercat provides a fresh selection of rock-inspired tracks from Fairlane, Silverstein, Point North, and Story Untold, while Season 15’s Rocket Pass Premium includes two new Player Anthems!

More Limited Time Matches

Wanna swap the Rocket Ball for the pigskin? Wish you could boost to no end like a bounty hunter on the chase? Then we’ve got some Eggstra Special news for you! Update v2.40 (going live the day before Season 15) adds more LTMs you can play in Private Matches, Offline Exhibition Matches, and Custom Tournament Matches without waiting for them to be one of the dueling Arcade Playlists:

  • Eggstra Special Mode
  • G-Force Frenzy
  • Gridiron⁠

Also, Season 15 adds these LTMs to the Game Mode selector in Private Matches, Offline Exhibition Matches, and Custom Tournament Matches—so that you don’t have to use the Mutator Settings to access them:

  • Beach Ball
  • Boomer Ball
  • Demolition
  • Dropshot Rumble
  • Moonball
  • Pinball
  • Speed Demon
  • Spike Rush
  • Super Cube

Rocket League Season 15 | Additional Quality of Life features

Chat Timestamps

With the frenetic speed of Rocket League matches, it’s useful to look back at the chat and know who said what and when.

⁠That “when” has been missing until Season 15! The addition of timestamps to sent chat messages should allow more tactical communication between players and reduce the likelihood of messages being misinterpreted. The timestamps will be based on how much time is left in the match. Finally, some important context for [3:00] What a save! [2:59] What a save! [2:58] What a save!

Demolition Audio Update

You’ll now notice changes to audio clarity for supersonic collisions. Demolition audio has been tweaked so it’s easier to detect whether it’s your teammates or opponents who have just gone up in smoke!

Rocket League Season 15 runs from June 5, 2024, to September 4, 2024.