Astro’s Playroom updated with second secret special bot from Astro Bot

by on July 10, 2024

Astro’s Playroom has had another small update, adding a second secret special bot to find ahead of Astro Bot’s September release.

Basically, every month leading up to the release of Astro Bot, there will be a new special bot hidden in the PlayStation 5 pack-in title, Astro’s Playroom. June saw an update adding a Lady Maria (from Bloodborne) special bot, and the new one for July is Selene, from Returnal. There are two more to come, one in August, and another in September.

Via the official PlayStation blog, not only has Nicolas Doucet (Studio Head, Team Asobi) revealed some snippets about the upcoming Astro Bot, but has popped a guide for how to find the Lady Maria Special Bot if you haven’t already done so.


In Astro Bot, you and Astro go on a mission to rescue the 300 bots crew who got scattered all over the galaxies. Many of the bots making up the crew are cameo characters that have marked the PlayStation history. There are over 150 to collect, each with their own funny animations relating to the game they originally came from.

To add a spice of fun, we’ve been hiding 4 of these Special Bots inside Astro’s Playroom, which came pre-loaded in every PS5 console. By unlocking these 4 hidden characters in Astro’s Playroom, you will be able to take them with you into the new game, Astro Bot, and add them to your starting crew. Are you following so far?

Doucet adds that it “took the community less than 3 hours to clear that riddle. That was quite incredible”, before reminding folks about the new Selene from Returnal bot. Each new bot you find is a trophy as well, so it’s worth doing.

Astro Bot

As you can see from the image above, we reckon the September one is pretty obvious, due to the shape of the head. But who might August be, we wonder?

Astro Bot is coming to PlayStation 5 on September 6th.