Monster Hunter Rise | How to beat Khezu


The Khezu is initially quite an intimidating foe in Monster Hunter Rise. With its pale skin, worm-like form, and large, teeth-laden mouth, it definitely sends a chill down the spine of new hunters. It also packs a punch and has a few tricks up its sleeve that you need to deal with. With our handy guide, you’ll learn the best way to tackle this creepy, thunderous monster.


General Pointers

Khezu is quite a fast and aggressive monster so keep that in mind at all times. Always know where it is, to give you a chance of avoiding its attacks. For the majority of the fight, it will stay on the ground (with one exception we shall discuss later), and so both melee users and ranged users should have no issue dealing damage to it, as long as they can keep up with its movements

Generally speaking, the top of the monster is the safest place to be, so those hunters who can deal damage from above will have less issue here. Similarly, staying behind it and dealing damage is also preferred, but may be difficult unless you have a large hunting party.

Khezu Attacks

The main elemental attack from Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise is Thunder, and it administers this in two different ways. The first is in the form of projectiles which are normally fired in groups of up to three ahead of the Khezu. If these hit you, they will do Thunder damage to you and build up Thunderblight and even Paralysis. As such keep an eye out for the windup animation that will appear in Khezu’s mouth and dodge accordingly. To help when you do get hit, equip gear to counteract the Paralysis effect, to avoid Khezu pouncing on you and dealing more damage.

The second Thunder attack is an AoE attack around Khezu itself. The windup animation is fairly obvious as lightning sparks will begin to appear around its body. This is your signal to stop attacking if you are a melee hunter and move away from Khezu quickly. It has the same Paralysis effect so is best avoided. Afterward, you can jump back in to wailing on Khezu’s body.

The other key attack to watch out for occurs when Khezu is in an area with a ceiling, such as a cavern. In these areas, occasionally she will jump up and attach herself to the ceiling and hang downwards waiting to strike. If you wander underneath her, she will gobble you up doing significant damage. In this state, it’s best to give her a wider berth so she can’t hurt you. Alternatively, you can Wiredash up to Khezu and attack which will knock her down to the floor making her vulnerable to more damage.

Khezu Weaknesses

The best elemental type to use against Khezu is by far Fire Weapons, which are very effective on the head, neck, and torso areas. Most other weapon types do very little damage, so a pure damage output weapon without elementals may fair better if you do not have a Fire Weapon.

The Khezu is incredibly susceptible to Poison so equip weapons with this effect. Blast and Fireblight are also reasonably effective against it and are solid choices if you have weapons that deal this effect.

Khezu Locations

Khezu can be found in Frost Islands and Lava Caverns.