Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense review

by on June 19, 2024
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June 19, 2024


Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense is stupid. It makes absolutely no sense, is so far removed from reality, and lacks any kind of seriousness at all. If you’re looking for an experience with emotional heft or character progression, please, go and find something else. The thing is, I absolutely, positively, 100% adore it. Coffee Stain North has added to an already incredible game that just wants you to laugh, have fun, and disappear into a chaotic and parody-heavy platformer for a few hours and escape the mundanity of everyday life. Seriously, I am so grateful this game is in my life.

My kids have spent at least 100 hours on Goat Simulator 3, and at least half of that was with me. We played through it together, trying to complete every quest and unlock every skin, gadget, and piece of clothing there is. I can’t tell you how long we went searching for the video tapes to play in the movie theatre, and we still talk about ‘Where the Heck is Steve?’. While my daughters don’t get every reference or Easter Egg, they were just one of the facets to it I adore, and Multiverse of Nonsense is filled with so many more.

It isn’t just the humour and references that make it so good either. It’s genuinely fun to play. Yeah, so sometimes getting to the top of a building or cliffside takes time, but traversal is a blast, especially when you’ve got a gadget to play with. Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense starts off with a Half-Life reference (bravo, Coffee Stain!), or at least I’m positive I heard the mention of Black Mesa or something similar. From there, you are tasked with finding all of the instability stones across the multiverse for a Capybara overlord. Standard stuff, then.

There are countless quests to take part in, mini-games, and more. New gear is everywhere, and you’ll want to search for it all. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises because a big part of my enjoyment is seeing something cool (I’ll never forget the Lord of the Rings or Fallout stuff from the base game), but there was one thing in the Cartoon town that I loved, and it’s from a popular Nintendo franchise that isn’t Mario or Zelda. There’s tons of fun stuff to do, whether making your way through a Puzzleverse akin to The Witness, or helping out people with dilemmas on a TV set that rips off Dr Phil in such a funny way.

If you want more of what you loved from Goat Simulator 3, then Multiverse of Nonsense is going to be perfect for you. It’s silly and funny, with great writing. I would just sit and listen to the NPCs go about their day, and go around reading billboards or shop signs. There are also some cool things to do, such as a take on the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ challenge from Squid Game, and an awesome universe based on another property from Coffee Stain. Once you’ve finished the DLC, you get to play as a Capybara, and if you could see the smile on my daughter’s face when she turned Pilgor into a cute giant robot, you’d want to play this just so you can wear that smile too.

Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense offers a surprisingly big piece of DLC with so much to do and so much to find. There are tons of new references and parodies of popular tv shows, games, and more, and the effort that has gone into giving players a great time is staggering. I previewed it before getting a chance to properly dive in, and it’s obvious how much the developers want to make you smile. There needs to be more games like this out there, and with this new DLC, fans are going to have such a fantastic time.


So many cool Easter Eggs
Fun quests
Colourful and exciting world
Great writing


Some physics are a bit off

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In Short

Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense further adds to the fun and wackiness of the base game, offering more references and surprises.