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by on September 14, 2023
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September 14, 2023


There are always a ton of racers being released throughout the year, with the majority focusing on simulation rather than arcade. Getting burned out by the strict restrictions and deep upgrade systems sometimes take away the fun for me, and that’s why it’s refreshing when something like Horizon Chase 2 comes out. It’s a striped back racing title that opts for fun and flair over realism, with some tasty visuals that pop off the screen, and a straightforward control scheme that lets you kick back and embark on tons of swift racing around the globe.

The simplicity of Horizon Chase 2 is what gives it appeal. Being able to jump into a quick race when you have a free minute without getting locked into a lengthy weekend of practices, quick laps, and tournaments is wonderful. It’s clear to see why it has been so popular on iOS, and playing on PC gives you the same adrenaline rush. It’s not one you’ll spend countless hours on at a time, but rather 60 minutes here and there. It’s more a palette cleanser, but one that gives you plenty of thrills and spills all wrapped up in striking colours and a banger of a soundtrack, courtesy of Barry Leitch.

The main draw of Horizon Chase 2 is World Tour, where you race across different courses and countries in an effort to get first place. Medals are rewarded for getting top positions, and by doing so you’ll be able to unlock more tracks. There are also race tokens that can be used to unlock the ability to get better upgrades for your chosen car. At first, there aren’t a lot of cars to choose from, but the more you play, new ones will be unlocked for you to get behind the wheel of. Racing with the same car builds its experience, and once you’ve levelled up, suspension, air intake, differentials, gearbox and nitro boost can be upgraded to improve speed, acceleration, handling, and more.

Coins can also be earned to customise your cars, with various paint jobs, styles, and rims available for you to unlock and equip. Racing in style is always an option, and having the variety of options gives you something to aim for as you race across the world. When it comes to the controls, Horizon Chase 2 is fundamental in its approach. You can tear around the track with your acceleration held down, rarely needing to break, however, one false move into a corner or avoiding an opponent can have you crashing at top speeds. Thankfully, punishment isn’t harsh, and you can recover pretty quickly.

What I did appreciate about controlling your cars is how it can almost feel on-rails. Yes, you are going super fast at times, but by using the left analogue, you can knock yourself over into different lanes and stay there. This works when going into corners, and as long as you’re focused, it can be easy to dominate other drivers coming out of them. Sometimes, weather conditions can impact your driving, such as a horrendous sandstorm while driving through Death Valley, adding a sprinkling of challenge on top of the lightening-fast courses.

There’s online and local leaderboards for you to compete on, and playing against others will help you to test yourself against real players. When more players are available to play, it’ll be interesting to see how special challenges will play out. Horizon Chase 2 offers a quick fix for those who enjoy racing games but want something that strips back all the extra baggage, allowing you to enjoy fluid gameplay at break-neck speeds, with a decent amount of customisation and upgrades to give you an edge throughout the World Tour. It’s stripped back nature might not suit those who want more from a racer, but its easy to play approach should waste a few hours here and there.


Great use of colour and music
Wonderful track design
Controlling is easy to get used to


Not a ton of content

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In Short

Horizon Chase 2 is quick to jump into, and while it might not be packed with content, it's a ton of fun to play.