PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra Controller review

by on July 31, 2023

PowerA have been pushing the envelope with third party controllers and peripherals for some time now, so it’s quite fitting that their MOGA XP-Ultra Controller is the first fully licensed third-party wireless controller for the Xbox Series S and X. There are wired ones galore, but having one that’s built heart and soul for use with the Xbox and, of course, PC is pretty cool. And more than a little overdue.

It’s a massively versatile piece of equipment, too, although the versatility comes at the cost of any kind of sleekness in its design. The MOGA Ultra-XP resembles something that fell off a Decepticon during a fight, but there’s a reason for that. The hand grips are detachable, producing a much smaller device ideal for carrying around in a bag for mobile gaming. It also comes with a mount to connect it to your phone with zero fuss and messing about.

It makes it a superb addition to your set-up if you’re the kind of gamer who switches between PC, Xbox and mobile gaming. The Bluetooth connectivity is also fast and secure, and it will connect directly to your Xbox or to a PC via the same dongle you’d use for a first party controller.

While it might not matter to some, I found the weight of the MOGA XP to be reassuringly hefty. So often third-party controllers lack the tactile quality of licensed gamepads but the MOGA XP feels weighty and high-quality, with the grips sitting comfortably in my large hands.

The battery life is impressive, too, easily outlasting the PS5’s DualSense 5 – although this does lack the more intricate, battery-draining haptic feedback. That being said, this does feature impulse triggers for greater feedback and control while gaming. Not to mention, extra buttons on the back of the grips allow you to customise inputs game by game – even as you play. It’s a nice touch that can make a major difference compared to a standard controller.

It’s safe to say that what the MOGA XP-Ultra lacks in aesthetic design it more than makes up for in utility. Which is also not to say it’s an ugly controller. It’s a little blocky, and will certainly feel a little on the large side in the hands of younger gamers, but being able to separate the pad from the grips with a single button means no one will struggle for long.

Perhaps the only sticking point for most people will be the price. At £120 the MOGA XP comes in under the Xbox Elite but not by much. If you’re not buying this for its easy use with mobiles, there’s not much to sell this over the official controller. However, if you’re a gamer on the go who splits their time between console, PC and mobile gaming, this is one of the best options available right now.


Good versatility
Mappabale buttons
Decent battery life
Easy to connect


Quite bulky
High price point

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In Short

If you're a gamer on the go who splits their time between console, PC and mobile gaming, this is one of the best options available right now.