LucidSound LS50x review

by on July 31, 2023

I’ve been waiting for the best part of three years for a headset, wireless or not, to replace the Logitech Pro X headset I’ve been using since reviewing it. It’s getting a bit creaky now, but it’s still the most reliable headset I’ve had (outlasting many others) and remains my regular workhorse. It means that any gaming headset I review now is still measured against it, including the Lucid Sound LS50X. Although, finally, I might have found one that I’m happy to stick with.

Obviously I’m not saying that the Logitech Pro X is the headset to beat all (the JBL QuantumONE was better in many ways, but sadly my set broke not long after reviewing it), but it is my go-to for several reasons. But the LS50X brings slightly more to the table while still putting function above form in many areas.

For a start, it’s wireless, connecting to my PC and Xbox via a Bluetooth dongle. It takes no time to connect it and it remains solid and reliable even for extended periods. But it’s also a very good-looking headset, the simple black leatherette and brushed chrome aesthetic giving it the look of high expense and impressive design. In fact, with so many headset these days going for flashy RGB, it’s nice to see such a confident, bold design without the bells and whistles.

One of the major selling features is the dual mic setup. The LucidSound LS50X is quite bulky and therefore isn’t the sort of headset I’d just wear around the house or out and about, but the dual mic means if you do connect it to your phone for music and calls, it works great without needing to attach the boom mic. It’s a comparatively small feature, but adds an extra level of versatility and functionality. The battery life when fully charged is very good too, and I’ve never found myself caught short and having to recharge regularly,

If you do use it for music, there’s a decent spread of preset Equaliser settings, including Bass Boost, Movie Mode and Signature Sound. The surround sound is superb for gaming, too, delivering a crisp, immersive experience that’s essential for modern gamers. It’s easy to adjust with an easy-to-find button on the left cup, although I found the volume controls a bit finicky. There’s a rotating disc on the cup that adjusts volume and it never felt quite right. Why there isn’t just a simple universal system for these things in 2023 is beyond me.

Still, that’s a small complaint. A slightly larger complaint is that the LS50X is quite a large piece of kit. It sits comfortably enough, and the soft foam cups feel nice, but after prolonged sessions they made my ears feel a little sweaty and the headset began to feel pretty hefty. For younger, smaller gamers, this mileage may reduce considerably. That being said, I had no issue wearing it over my glasses, and it fit nicely around my bonce.

The Lucid Sound LS50X is a high standard headset with a number of features that make it a fantastic choice for gamers and casual users alike, although even now the price is fairly high compared to headsets of a similar quality. But if you’re looking for a headset that will last you a while and provide solid sound quality, connectivity and versatility, the LS50X is a great choice.


Great sound quality
Dual mic setup
Expensive look


Iffy control dials
Uncomfortable for long sessions

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In Short

If you're looking for a headset that will provide solid sound quality, connectivity and versatility, the LucidSound LS50X is a great choice.