Chillingo Unleashes ‘Sticky’ and ‘Sky Combat’ Onto The App Store

by on February 10, 2011

What is a company to do when they have multiple top selling apps on the iTunes App Store?

Well, release more of course!

That’s exactly what Chillingo are doing and, from today, they have two more offerings available for your iOS game playing pleasure in the form of Sticky and Sky Combat. Who can resist yet more of that Chillingo Charm?

Sky Combat is a beautifully crafted vertical shooter; superb water and explosion effects make this game a true visual stunner. Fight your way through the levels, facing over 30 different enemies and eight challenging bosses using three different craft: an AH-64 Apache helicopter, a speedy combat boat and an armored Humvee. Upgrade your missiles and bombs and use special power-ups – the result is some seriously action packed gameplay!

The stages in Sky Combat are huge and there with eight challenging and powerful bosses to destroy, you won’t be short of entertainment. Three difficulty tiers makes for great replay value as you try to defeat the game on the hardest settings. Dodge missiles, hails of bullets, tank fire and turrets on your mission to complete this tough and time-consuming game!

In Sticky you’ll be able to get gooey in this great, gloopy adventure! The world’s energy resources are dwindling, in an effort to save the planet Professor B Bunsen attempts to create a new infinite fuel source-but accidentally creates Sticky, the loveable little ball of orange goo, and he is about to embark on quite an adventure!

Use the super easy control scheme to fling Sticky across the screen and bash into his sludgy enemies. Land on their heads to turn them to mush, string together combos by bouncing from one sludge ball to the next to rack up some serious points! Use your sticky body to good effect as you take on waves of evil blobs!

Both Sticky and Sky Combat are available now from the iTunes App Store. Click one of our ‘Buy Now’ links in the top left (underneath the Tweet/Like buttons) to get your copy.