Lord Of The Rings Online Gets Soldier On Landscape Feature

by on March 7, 2012

Those familiar with the Lord Of The Rings MMO already know that the skirmish system is a great way to gain loot and rewards. Now you can bring a customizable skirmish solider to the field to help you battle all the insane orcs your heart desires. Currently your skirmish soldier can only be summoned within the skirmish system but now its going to be accessible on the landscape. This new feature can be great for all those players out there that go into the world solo.

Lord Of The Rings Online is a free to play mmo that takes players into the world of middle earth. This year marks the fifth anniversary of this award winning mmo and it is getting quite a bit of updates and new features added in anticipation of the new Riders Of Rohan expansion being released this Fall. With a slew of new features being added this game has a lot of depth and keeps growing.

You can join the online battle for middle earth right now at www.lotro.com

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    ballllllllla thanks for the heads up this is good shit

  • Grimdwa

    unfortunately so far the greatly expected feature is a dud, as players even those paying VIP subscription are required to fork over 100 turbine points for only a  single hour of use of the soldier.
    For those who are not aware, turbine points are a manner of currency earned through deeds and skirmishes and, though it may not seem like much, earning 100 TPs can be quite time consuming.
    For those playing free they may claim that its turbine’s right as the game is offered for free, yet for those paying for the service it may seem like they were cheated.
    Regardless if you are playing for free or paying a subscription, a single hour with that soldier on the field will go all too fast for those hard earned points.
    The question stands how long will this feature last before it is droped entirely by players? preffering to spend save their points for that special mount or cool emote.