Final Fantasy XIII-3 Rumours Continue

by on July 22, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-3 - Is it Happening?Final Fantasy XIII-2 , still a fresh release at the time of writing, was met with luke warm review scores. It surprised gamers with its announcement due to the rarity with which Square Enix releases a “dash 2” sequel. In fact, the idea was unprecedented until Final Fantasy X-2 came along; a game that also met mediocre review scores.

With so much working against it, the notion of a Final Fantasy XIII-2 was unthinkable in my book. As such, you can imagine my surprise when sultry voiced Rachel Robinson announced that there had been a lot of talk in the industry about the possibility during Connecticon, a small and intimate multi-media convention in Hartford, Connecticut. Adding that she was excited about the concept, she quickly insisted that she couldn’t discuss the topic any further.

Rachel Robinson is primarily known as the voice of Fang in both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Do you think that Square Enix should devote resources to another sequel?

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  • Matt

    As much as I loved Final Fantasy XIII, I don’t think the game deserves yet another sequel. I liked Final Fantasy XIII-2, I liked the concept and gameplay. The story was quite weak, but I did enjoy it nonetheless.

    However, I think that a Final Fantasy XIII-3 would be too much. If they need 3 sequels to a game, that can show many things, and I can’t believe I have to say this about Square Enix: it either shows the inability to round up a story, or they’re just trying to milk the compilation as much as possible. I felt that the ending to XIII was more than satisfying enough for me.

    Also, the rumors about Versus XIII state that they’re “quietly cancelling” the game, in favor of developing Final Fantasy XIII-3. Now Square Enix, if this is true, that is probably the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Final Fantasy Versus XIII surpasses XIII by a long shot, and cancelling what looks to be such a great a game for a pointless sequel, you need to see a doctor. Get your head out of your asses, fire whoever put forward such a silly idea and produce creative gold, like you used to.

  • Lee Garbutt

    I think the big problem is that SquareEnix spent a lot of time working on the tools and the assets for Final Fantasy XIII – They’re looking to reuse those assets as often as possible to justify the resources it took to create them.

    If Versus does get cancelled, I imagine it will be for quality reasons – The fact that the game has been this long in development is as worrying for SquareEnix as it is for us. If that project is going nowhere then they would be looking to cancel the game and cut their losses, which is looking increasingly likely at this point.

  • http://twitter.com/Lukearoo22 Luke Schuessele

    If they can combine the improvements to the gameplay from FFXIII-2 and yet keep the interesting character and plot from the FFXIII then that would make a game that both of those two should have been. And i would enjoy playing it.