Capcom Vancouver Working on a New Game That Isn’t Dead Rising Related

by on January 10, 2013

Capcom-Vancouver-Working-on-a-New-Game-That-Isn't-Dead Rising-RelatedPeople familiar with Capcom Vancouver will know that they are the developer who worked on all the Dead Rising 2 related titles (Case West, Zero, Off the Record), but the information listed on their site about “New Game” indicates it won’t be including zombies.

Whilst they are just getting started on this new game, Vancouver say they are halfway through filling the roles required for the team, before dropping the bombshell:

“PS… No Zombies”

We’re left wondering, is this a new IP, an existing non-Zombie IP? Who knows, but it’ll be nice to see Capcom Vancouver attempt a game a little different from the Dead Rising series.