Final Fantasy X HD Still Exists, According to New Video Clip

by on February 18, 2013

Final-Fantasy-X-HD-VideoThe 10th instalment in the Final Fantasy is one of my favourites. Sure, it’s no VII, but it’s a superb game and I spent numerous hours playing it on PlayStation 2, back in the day.

During a Japan-only PlayStation Vita presentation, the video you’ll see below was shown. It doesn’t reveal too much, but for people who are gagging to play FFX again, in HD no less and on a Vita, this is tremendous news.

It was also revealed that the Vita will be getting a price-drop in Japan, but there’s no word on the a European or North American cut, for now.

Now hurry up and announce a European release for FFX HD please, Square Enix!

Final Fantasy X HD has no current release date, but will be coming to PS Vita. Thanks to asdfCrocogator for hosting the video.

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  • Lee Garbutt

    Looking goooood. Haven’t touched my PS2 copy of X, X-2 or XII – The Vita is probably my only means of having the time to play RPGs these days!

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    It’s a weird video, looks like a render of some description. That said, this is the only game that could force Persona 4 Golden out of my Vita!