Dark Souls II Design a Shield Competition Launches

by on April 15, 2013

dark souls II 300x250Through the magic of Facebook you can design a shield that might feature in Dark Souls II.

Namco Bandai have launched an app for Facebook that lets anyone create and upload three different designs of shield that will go to public vote, with the winners of said popularity contest being picked between by the development team.

The window for submitting your defensive doodles will run from April 15th until May 14th. You can vote for your favourite during this time too, with voting ending shortly after on May 20th.

There will be a total of six player made shields added to the game, with the victors unveiled to public eyes at the San Diego Comic Con that runs from July 18th to July 21st.

So how do you enter this wonderful competition? Simply zip on over to the Dark Souls Facebook page, like it, and find the application right there.

Uploads go through a fairly heft moderation process, so don’t waste your time trying to do what gamers always do.

I personally don’t need anything like this to get me hyped for Dark Souls II. Did you see that new Dark Souls II trailer the other day? Did you? Because if you did you’ll already have the game on pre-pre-pre-order. The first Dark Souls was phenomenal, and Dark Souls II doesn’t look to be dropping the ball at all.