5 Crossovers we want to see in Monster Hunter Rise

by on March 28, 2021

Monster Hunter World saw a surprising amount of crossover events in its time, giving players the ability to craft some awesome armour inspired by other popular video game characters. Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Devil May Cry were just some of the crossovers to feature, giving players a reason to dive back in and take part in the various events.

With that in mind, there’s a good chance Monster Hunter Rise might be willing to do the same. With it being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, we might even see some crossovers from some Nintendo franchises as time goes on. Of course, I let my imagination wander a little, which led to myriad possibilities for what kinds of armour I’d like to see down the line, as well as weapons, monsters, and even Palico and Palamute skins. Below are just some of the crossovers I’d love to see once Monster Hunter Rise picks up steam over the coming months.


Monster Hunter Rise Crossovers: Honorable Mentions

Diablo 3: Imagine going toe-to-toe with hell’s greatest demons? There’re so many that it would be hard to pick one, but Belial, Adria, or The Butcher would be amazing. Not to mention all the insane armour sets on offer.

Astral Chain: PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain was a huge success on Nintendo Switch, and some of the armour you got to wear was beautiful. The Raven Armour would be particularly cool to wear in Monster Hunter Rise, and having the X-Baton as a weapon could do some real damage.

Persona 5: There’s not a lot you could do with Persona in Monster Hunter Rise, but one particular skin would be awesome for your Palico. If you didn’t think of it the moment you saw Persona mentioned, I’ll lay it out for you in one word: Morgana.

The Legend of Zelda

Link Breath of the Wild

When you think of iconic Nintendo characters, there’s no-one more important than Link (maybe after the chubby plumber at least). Throughout The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you could purchase plenty of new armour and outfits to aid you in your quest to defeat Ganon. I’d be happy if you got to wear his blue, white, and gold outfit. But I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to don his famous green attire.

Also, given how his Master Sword is integral to Link, there would be a high chance this would also feature. It seems like a given that if Rise does intend to do more crossovers, then the Zelda franchise would be at the top of the list. They’ve already done one in Monster hunter Generations Ultimate, so there’s a high chance we’ll see it in Rise as well.



MHR Crossover article pokemon

Plenty of games inspire dreams of armour and weaponry to feature in a Monster Hunter title. But what about the skins for both the Palicos and Palamutes in Rise? Imagine, riding around on Arcanine, Rhydon, or Tauros as you hunt down the monsters whilst being accompanied by Meowth, Evee, or even Pikachu? There are tons of other Pokémon that could feature, giving Capcom plenty of options when it comes to which skins to use. I can’t imagine there’ll be any Pokémon to fight, given the time it would take to design and create them in Rise, but a simple skin would be an awesome edition.


MHR Crossover article castlevania

The Belmont Clan in the Castlevania series are without a doubt the most important characters within the metroidvania games. Responsible for slaying Dracula, the Belmonts all have definitive looks that would work in Monster Hunter Rise. That said, I’d rather see the likes of Simon or Trevor appear. With the popularity of the Netflix animated series, now would be the perfect time to see them branch out into other games.

Trevor Belmont’s expertise with a whip and a short sword would make for excellent battles, and his signature look could lead to some awesome armour, especially his cloak. Simon Belmont would also be a great choice, particularly as he’s been seen recently in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Either way, Castlevania would be a great crossover in Rise, and I’m all for it. Final thought: how about Ceberus or Dracula’s second form from the Symphony of the Night prologue making an appearance as monsters. Oooooh.

Monster Hunter Rise Crossovers: Fire Emblem

MHR Crossover article fire emblem

Fire Emblem is prime estate for a Monster Hunter crossover. There’s the option to use the house uniforms or Sword of the Creator from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Or what about bringing back the Marth inspired gear or Blademaster sword and shield from Monster hunter Generations. One of the biggest issues with using Nintendo-themed content is that Monster Hunter Rise might be releasing on PC further down the line, so these kinds of crossovers might never see the light of day. Still, it’s always nice to dream, isn’t it? The choices for weapons are infinite as well. Areadbhar Insect Glaives, or Claude’s Failnaught Bow, anyone?

Dark Souls

MHR Crossover article Dark Souls

When you think of top notch armour, weapons, and monsters, nothing quite reaches the quality of the Dark Souls franchise (except Monster Hunter, of course). Can you imagine witnessing a battle between your hunter and Darkeater Midir or Manus, Father of the Abyss? Approaching these creatures with caution would obviously be the best approach! But having Wirebugs at your disposal, and the ability to ride monsters would add a completely new dynamic to the game. Throw in some Ornstein, Black Iron, or Havel armour and wield the Dragon King Axe or Moonlight Greatsword would be EPIC! Who’s with me? Let’s go knock on Capcom’s door and make these Monster Hunter Rise crossovers happen!