Final Fantasy: X/X2 HD Early Adopters Receive Free Lightning Returns DLC

Good news Final Fantasy fans, if you are planning on picking up Final Fantasy X/X2 HD at launch you’ll bag yourself a free bit of DLC for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

In keeping with the new battle system and Otaku’s insatiable fantasies, you’ll receive a new bit of Final Fantasy X inspired dress up for series protagonist – Lightning. The free bit of DLC will contain a Yuna inspired Spira Summoner costume, featuring an exclusive shield, staff and victory pose.

Unfortunately for 360 owners, this DLC offer is only available to PS3 owners, and is limited to copies from the first print run.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, will be released on 21st March 2014,

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII hits our shores on February 14th (how romantic)

First screens of the costume in action are below.


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