New Titanfall Alpha Footage Appears Online

by on January 20, 2014

Many gamers were left annoyed by the news that Titanfall will be limited to twelve players in multiplayer matches, when it was confirmed last week. Of course this number is “in theory” doubled by the twelve AI Titans that will also feature in the multiplayer modes for the game, but it is still somewhat of a disappointment.

Something that may raise the spirits of those disappointed players is the fact that a full eight minutes of Alpha gameplay footage has appeared on Dailymotion, letting gamers take a good look at the multiplayer in action, featuring the game mode Attrition. Titanfall is a massively anticipated title, and time quickly passing by in the run-up to its March 14 release date. It remains to be seen whether or not Titanfall will be the first real killer app on next-gen consoles.

See the video footage below:

Titanfall Alpha Gameplay by Fran78888

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