Skylanders AirStrike

Skylanders Imaginators reveals new sensei

by David Hunteron September 16, 2016
Air Strike drops in.

A look back on 20 years of Crash Bandicoot

by David Hunteron September 9, 2016
Apples and masks

Skylanders Imaginators lets players create their own characters, launches this October

by Greg Hillon June 1, 2016
Players can customise appearance, powers, abilities, name, catchphrase, musical theme and more.
Family Gamer: Toys to Life Face Off

Toys to Life Face-Off – Family Gamer

by Adam Cookon January 29, 2016
There can be only one.

Skylanders SuperChargers feat

Skylanders SuperChargers coming September 25

by Greg Hillon June 3, 2015
Start your engines!