New DIRT 2 gameplay footage

by on July 31, 2009

Now a few months ago when Codemasters released a couple of trailers for DIRT 2 we were a little disappointed as it seemed like the game would have some sort of awful “storyline” woven into it. I mean who really wants a racing game with a storyline?! I know the most recent Need for Speed titles have done this but they don’t really work that well; at the end of the day it is all about the racing.

Well just yesterday Codemasters revealed some proper gameplay footage form DIRT 2 and now we are very happy indeed as the game looks (and sounds) great. A couple of members from the GodisaGeek team (I’m one of them) really enjoyed the original DIRT, it was nice mix of rally and other off-road racing disciplines topped off with some lush visuals. From this new footage it seems like we will be given much more of the same and then some. To have a look at the footage yourself please click here.