New Bioshock 2 Trailer Unveiled

by on October 26, 2009

2K Games have today unveiled the new trailer for Bioshock 2 and all I can say is, boy I cannot wait to get back into the weird and wonderful world of Rapture. The trailer shows off some rather interesting new things such as weapons, enemies and environments. The new enemies are the most intriguing though, they include a new Big Daddy called The Rumbler and a new “Brute” Splicer. Speaking of enemies, we are also shown some really fast and frenetic combat with the Big Sister; I guess the folks over at 2K Games were not lying when they said these feisty females will offer your character (the first Big Daddy) a stiff challenge! To go with the trailer some more details regarding the game were also released, you can see this information below.

  • The name of the new “main enemy” is Dr Sofia Lamb. She is basically like the Andrew Ryan of Bioshock 2 but even more “corrupt” and “evil”.
  • The Splicers in are now part of a “religious cult” called The Rapture Family.
  • Multiplayer will have its own story and it will be set just before the original Bioshock.
  • Players will be able to level up their characters in multiplayer. The level cap is set at 40.
  • One of the multiplayer modes will known as capture the sister, a slightly different take on the standard capture the flag mode. 10 players maximum in this mode.

Now, “would you kindly watch the awesome trailer?” Enjoy and let us know what you think. 😉