Darksiders Book 3: The Hordes Of Hell

by on December 4, 2009

It seems like Friday is Darksiders day with another trailer being released. This week we get Book 3: The Hordes of Hell which focuses on some of the enemies you will be facing as a horseman of the apocalypse. It must be said that these episodic trailers which introduce new elements of the game bit by bit are great. It is something we are seeing alot of with big budget games like Darksiders and long may it continue! I haven’t had the pleasure of playing Darksiders yet but am hearing good things about almost every element of the game, especially the visuals. You just need to look at the new trailer as evidence of that; the game looks kick ass! The world of Darksiders is one I definitely wish to be a part of!

PLAY magazine in the US have the worlds first review of the game and they gave it 10/10, a promising start but these are still early days. For the full rundown on Darksiders keep a look out on GodisaGeek.com and remember to check out our review at the end of the month.

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