GodisaGeek and GLHF LAN Party plus Tekken 6 & Street Fighter IV Tournaments

by on February 4, 2010

Double KO! (click to enlarge)

That’s right, you have read correctly. Us kind chaps here at GodisaGeek in conjunction with the our brethren at GLHF.com have decided to host a couple of tournaments for you to get together and socialise with the team aswell as the fighting game community. There will be two events spanning four days from the 18th to the 21st of Febuary.

Firstly, there will be a LAN party over the course of the four days; you are invited to bring down your PC gaming system, consoles and controllers have a good time with your fellow gamers. There are also places to sleep (for the weak!) and on site shower facilities for those who feel they have worked up a gaming sweat!

Secondly, for those who don’t have the stamina for a full weekend of non stop gaming and socialization there will be two tournaments complete with prizes. First place will net you a brand spanking new Xbox 360 Elite for both tournaments, while runners up will be given games packages courtesy of the wonderful folks at Zavvi.com. The Tekken 6 tournament will take place on Friday 19th February and the Street Fighter IV tournament will be held on Saturday 20th February. Both tournaments will run under the 2/3 rounds 2/3 games double elimination regulations. Participants are expected to bring their own sticks or control pads. Tickets are available for purchase from GLHF.com (click the link to book yours now!) but will also be sold on the door if adequate room is available.

Click the banner above and visit Zavvi.com where you can buy the latest gaming releases aswell as older ones for fantastic prices!

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