Perfect Dark Comes to XBLA in March

by on February 12, 2010

Never owned an Nintendo 64? Never played the original and now classic Perfect Dark? No? Then fear not because Rare and Microsoft are bringing the title to Xbox Live Arcade in March. The game will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points, which is pretty cheap considering the price of some of the re-mastered titles that grace XBLA and is a stone cold bargain for anyone who was unlucky enough to have not played the original.

Although Microsoft have stated that the background geometry will be consistent with the original title everything else has undergone a makeover in its transition to HD and we are assured that it will run at a sexy 60FPS. Microsoft Game Studios creative director, Kenn Lobb who is the executive producer for Perfect Dark said:-

“The weapons and character models are ten to 20 times the poly count of the original game and yet they look good in the original background geometry. The team did a great job of rezing up to a point that it doesn’t feel like a ten year old game but keeping it fitting in the graphic’s geometry we had.”

Check out the official trailer down below and then (like us) you can begin counting down to the day of release.