More Medal Of Honor Limited Edition Details

by on July 13, 2010

During E3 EA announced that the PS3 limited edition version of the game would be receiving a fully remastered version of the original Medal of Honor: Frontline but “what about the rest of us?” I hear you say. Well today EA have released more information on what you can expect to find in the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Medal of Honor limited edition. Unfortunately it’s nothing to get too excited about. Early adopters of this “limited edition” will gain instant access to certain weapons in the game, including the MP7 and both the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns instead of needing to unlock them through gameplay (we did warn you not to get excited).

On the plus side EA have been kind enough to produce a short trailer to advertise said weapons. So hit the jump and have a look for yourselves.

The Limited Edition of Medal of Honor launches on October 15th.