Dragon Age: Witch Hunt DLC On Its Way!

by on August 26, 2010

BioWare have announced and dated the latest DLC for Dragon Age and as you might of figured out it’s called “Witch Hunt”. The DLC kicks off one year after the end of the Dragon Age: Origins and details what happened to everyone’s favourite quick witted witch, Morrigan.

Witch Hunt will enable you to import your character from either Dragon Age: Origins or Awakening to create a new high level character for the adventure. To compliment that, rewards you gather on your new quest will also be transferable to Origins and Awakening.

So when’s it out? The answer will no doubt please all Dragon Age fans as it will be available on the 7th of September for Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360. The download will set you back $6.99 (PSN and PC), 560 BioWare Points or 560 MS Points for thw Xbox 360.

For more information feel free to head on over to the official “Witch Hunt” site.