Creepy New Dead Space 2 Trailer

by on November 5, 2010

“Ring around the rosie, A pocketful of posies”, we don’t think this particular nursery rhyme has ever sounded as creepy as it does in the new Dead Space 2 trailer. Thanks EA and Visceral Games!

This new trailer shows off Isaac Clarke in different locations on The Sprawl space station as he attempts to fight off various different species of Necromorphs. One particular part of the trailer shows poor Isaac on board a train, having a horrendus time trying to stay on his feet. Going by this evidence, we can only assume he somehow found his way into London. Question is, was he on a Piccadilly or Northern line train?! We’re guessing it was the latter!

A few members of the GodisaGeek.com team recently got their hands on the multiplayer side of Dead Space 2 and impressions are due to hit the site soon, so we suggest keeping a keen eye on the website if you want to know more about that particular mode.