Telltale Announce The Walking Dead Series & Release Date For Jurassic Park Games

by on February 18, 2011

Telltale GamesTelltale Games, the studio behind the recently released Back To The Future episodes and the new Sam and Max & Monkey Island reboots, has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement to develop and publish a series of videogames based on the hit U.S. zombie TV show – The Walking Dead. The rights also relate to content contained in the original source material comic books. In addition to that, the studio has revealed more details relating to some of their other projects currently in the works.

The Walking Dead franchise began as comic book series, which was set during a Zombie apocalypse on earth, and followed a group of human survivors who were trying to avoid joining the undead. A TV series has recently been made, and was produced by Frank Darabont – Director of The Shawshank Redemption. Telltale can now work on games which use characters and events from that world.

The game developers have also now announced they are working on a videogame version of Vertigo’s critically acclaimed Fables comic book series. Fables is set in a world where fairytale characters are part of the 21st Century real-world. The comics cover storylines based in New York City, and an exile area of the Metropolis called Fabletown, where Fables characters seek refuge from the mundane worlders, or Mundys. It stars a huge cast of traditional characters, for example two of the main protagonists of the series are Snow White and The Big Bad Wolf. As of yet, the studio haven’t confirmed which platforms it will be made for, or the release schedules for either of these new franchises. Nor do we know what style of gameplay they will adopt.

However, Telltale did have a lot to say about their Jurassic Park film adaptation. The episodic series of games is now set to kick off in April on PC and Mac. And the company are currently offering a pre-order of the entire series to early-adopters with a discount off the regular price. The events in the game series will begin straight after those of the first film and players will control new characters who were also on the island at the time. There has been some crossover with the more well-known characters from the film, but the story is a completely original one. That means, unfortunately, players will be unable to explore the island as Dr Ian Malcolm or John Hammond, but will have access to some of the famous locations.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below:

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The Jurassic Park series is set to launch in April, for PC and Mac. The entire season is now available for pre-order on the Telltale website for $29.99.

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