See Fireteam Leader Sgt. Kirby In Action – New Operation Flashpoint: Red River Gameplay Trailer

by on March 14, 2011

Codemasters has today released a new biography video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the all-new chapter in the multi-million selling tactical shooter series set to launch on 21st April across Europe with North America following suit on 26th April.

The ‘Kirby’ biography video focuses on Sergeant William Kirby in his role as Fireteam Leader in a conflict “where things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.”

The video introduces Sergeant William Kirby and is cut with gameplay footage showing the Marines in action in Tajikistan. Kirby assesses the reality of war on the ground, as the insurgents become “desperate for blood” and the Chinese enter the conflict with all the makings of a “wild west showdown.” The video shows Marines assaulting dug-in Chinese positions at close-quarters and the threat of PLA armour and air-support – a contrasting tactical challenge from insurgent guerrilla warfare.

The war causes Kirby to reflect on why he does what he does: “It wasn’t a choice, as much as a calling. I could have had a comfortable life. I could have closed my eyes to the world around me. But that’s not who I am. Because I followed my heart the sons and daughters of the Marines I help save still have a father. Their wives still have a husband. If they want to give me a medal for doing my job, then so be it. But I’m no hero. More than anything else in my life, I am a Marine.”

Sergeant Kirby is both squad leader and Rifleman in the Fireteam. His leadership and combat skills are complimented by the specialities of his teammates – Grenadier, Auto-Rifleman and Scout. Up to four players can come together in a Fireteam with Operation Flashpoint: Red River’s drop-in, drop-out co-op play across a substantial campaign mode and standalone Fireteam Engagements.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on the 21st April 2011 in Europe and 26th April 2011 in North America