Child Of Eden Synesthesia Trailer Ready To Blow Your Tiny Mind

by on April 26, 2011

Every sound has a movement … every moment has a sound.

They call it synesthesia.

The science-inclined amongst you will know that not only is synesthesia a real thing (rather than made-up marketing gobble-dee-gook) but it actually the word used to describe the impression that you being stimulated through one of your senses, when actually the stimulation is being felt through another.

Like Rez before it Child of Eden is diving back into the world of synesthesia, linking our eyes, ears and Kinects for a truly unique experience.

Being developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment, Child of Eden is slated as the first truly hardcore game for Kinect and the system’s first killer app. Whether this is true or simply hyperbole, what is undeniable is that this Child of Eden trailer is truly enthralling, with incredible images beautifully synchronised to pulsing, rushing music.

It is perfectly indescribable, so why even try. Here it is.

Child of Eden is still set for a 2011 release.