Portal 2 DLC Coming This Summer

by on April 28, 2011

Have you purchased Portal 2 yet? If not, why not? Whilst the GodisaGeek review is ticking along nicely (and whilst we try to find ways to talk about this sublime title without spoiling it too much), we’re rather pleased to bring you the news that Portal 2 is going to be supported with DLC, as soon as this summer!

Valve’s Doug Lombardi (VP of Marketing) let it slip on FastCompany, saying: “We will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer. We’ll be putting more details out about that in a week or so. We’ll support that with more videos or more comics.”

We’re kinda hoping that it contains more co-op levels, but it’s fairly clear that whatever Valve do, will probably be excellent. What would you like to see in the first DLC, why not tell us in our forums?

If you’ve not had enough of the Portal 2 storyline, you can read the comic that bridges the gap between the first game and this new one, here.

Portal 2 is out now for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Look out for the GodisaGeek review in the near future, and a special one-off Spoiler-Podcast (Spoilercast!!) as well, for those that have already finished the single player!

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