Ms. Splosion Man – 2 Girls 1 Controller Mode Unveiled

by on May 13, 2011

After a week long tease, it turns out our guesses were right, and the reaction videos for “2G1C” were indeed two girls, one controller!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! All week we’ve been teasing a new game mode coming to Ms. Splosion Man called 2G1C. Like its impossible-to-unsee video namesake, this new mode is ridiculous, preposterous, and not for everyone.

Our mode is called Two Girls, One Controller, and it allows one player to control two Splosion Gals simultaneously on the same controller. You use the left analog stick with LB button for one, and the right analog stick with RB for the other. It takes a keen eye and a whole lot of dexterity to keep these two girls on target, but once you get the rhythm right you’re off and sploding. Take it from Lead Designer, Sean Riley:

“Hey, I’m Sean Riley, Lead Designer on Ms. Splosion Man and creator of much of the multiplayer campaign. Designers are social recluses who don’t want to make friends or talk to people, so we designers would always try and play multiplayer on our own instead of ever admitting we needed help. Then Chainsaw, our audio dude, had the idea to put both players on one controller, using each stick to control a different player and the bumpers to jump. It was a great idea, so I stole it and claimed it as my own, and we got it put into the game. Later on our Lead Programmer, Mike Henry, came up with the idea of calling it 2 girls 1 controller, and as soon as he said it, we knew that’s what the name would have to be. We decided that some of our audience out there might also be OCD with no friends and would want to try and beat the multiplayer game all on their own, so we made the mode a special unlockable in the game. Best of luck, and be very, very, very careful if you ever search for videos of people accomplishing this greatest of challenges.”

While we hope this feature doesn’t inspire you to vomit up your goldfish crackers and granola bars, we do hope it offers an exciting new challenge that keeps you coming back for more.

We’ve also got two images for you, one that would make a nice wallpaper!

Ms. Splosion Man doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade