Hideo Kojima Very Impressed With LA Noire MotionScan Tech

by on July 5, 2011

Industry legend Hideo Kojima is very impressed with the MotionScan technology used in Team Bondi’s LA Noire. The Metal Gear Solid creator thinks that facial expressions will have a major part to play in the future of adventure games.

Speaking during an interview at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Kojima said:

“This technology, regarding facial expressions, that affect the outcome of the game, I think that’s a huge element that from now on will change the direction of adventure games.”

While Kojima was speaking very highly of the technology, he did stress that he wasn’t using it in his next game. That is not to say he won’t adopt the kit in a future project.

“The technology is absolutely fantastic. Nevertheless, for the next game I want to make, it isn’t necessarily the technology I need, so I don’t think it goes along with the next game I would like to create.”

It will be extremely interesting to see if Kojima, arguably the king of the cut scene, uses the technology in a future title, whether that be a new IP, or if we see it integrated into a future Metal Gear Solid title.

What would you like to see Kojima do with the MotionScan technology used in LA Noire? Let us know in the comments.

Source: EDGE

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