Samsung Announces Its Sponsorship of the World Cyber Games

by on August 15, 2011

Fancy yourself as a bit of a gaming artist? Feel like you could be the best Star Craft, FIFA or Tekken (to name a few) player in the UK? Then the World Cyber Games might be for you! Yes, you!?!

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd today announces its sponsorship of the World Cyber Games (WCG) and details of its UK specific tournaments.

If you feel like you could make the cut then there are two places you need to be this year as Gamers are invited to take part in the WCG UK tournaments held at the Insomnia 43 Gaming Festival, dubbed i43, in August, and Eurogamer Expo in September.

i43 will play host to World Cyber Games PC gaming tournaments from 26th-29th August at the International Centre, Telford. Included in the line-up of game will be the increasingly popular League of Legends, the phenomenally successful StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and FIFA 11.

The second venue you won’t want to miss out on is the Eurogamer Expo(as if you would!) that will be hosting the console portion of the World Cyber Games in the UK. This tournament will run from 22nd-25th September at Earls Court, London and feature beat ‘em up favourite Tekken 6.

The WCG tournament qualifiers will be held over the duration of both events. The finals for League of Legends and StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ will be held on the last day of i43, and the FIFA 11 and Tekken 6 finals will take place at the close of the Eurogamer Expo on 25th September. The full tournament schedule is as follows:

i43 (26th–29th August)

League of Legends

  • Qualifiers – 27th August 2011
  • Final – 28th August 2011

StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™

  • Qualifiers – 26th August 2011
  • Final – 28th August 2011

FIFA 11.

  • Qualifiers – 27th August 2011

Eurogamer Expo (22nd–25th September)

Tekken 6

  • Qualifiers – 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th September 2011
  • Final – 25th September 2011


  • Final – 25th September 2011
So why take part you ask? Aside from the massive ego boost, the top eight player will form the UK WCG 2011 team, taking on the best around Europe for the European Final held in Warsaw, Poland 6th–9th October. Team UK will then go on to the World Finals held in Korea in December to battle it out for the WCG 2011 Champions title. So we will see you there then!
You can check out the official site here.