TERA – Gamescom 2011 Screenshots and Trailer

by on August 18, 2011

With Gamescom 2011 in full flow a trailer for one of the most anticipated MMORPG’s in development was released along with a healthy smothering of screenshots to top it off. TERA Online stands tall amongst most games in the genre not only because of its gorgeous graphical style (you will be hard pressed to find an MMO that uses the Unreal Engine better), but also due to its complete disregard for conventional MMO design. Suffice it to say we are looking forward to getting more hands on time with this gem.

The trailer sees five heroes defend TERA against the merciless Argon onslaught and finishes up with a face off against what can only be descrbed as a rampaging Buddha-esque monster.

European gamers can stay up to date on all things TERA by vising their recently launched European website here.

As a Korean developed game it will be interesting to see whether TERA can follow in Aions foosteps and be successful in the west despite it’s less conventional gameplay.

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