First Look – Battlefield 3

by on October 31, 2011

Once again, GodisaGeek.com brings you a brand new First Look, which comes to you in the form of the hotly anticipated title known as Battlefield 3. Firstly, the video clip shows the frankly brilliant mini title sequence and a view of the menus and the game’s manual. After a peak at these, you will get to see the initial action packed tutorial level where the main protagonist from the game (known as Sgt. Blackburn) jumps onto a moving train and proceeds to kill terrorists whilst dodging some pretty awesome explosions.

After this you get to see the beginning storyline start to develop and then deep into the action as your squad goes looking for your missing comrades, and as you would expect the mission doesn’t go according to plan and all hell breaks loose!

If you haven’t already bought Battlefield 3 and you’re wondering if it is any good, hopefully our First Look will help you to make your decision, but while you are making it, make sure that you keep your eye on GodisaGeek.com for our impending review.

Battlefield 3 is available to buy now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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