High Flyer Death Defyer Drops onto iOS

by on October 7, 2011

Fuel up your jetpack and freefall into the beautiful yet secret-filled utopia of High Flyer Death Defyer. Indie developer Game Mechanic Studios have announced that its first fully original IP game, High Flyer Death Defyer, is now available for download on select iOS platforms from the iTunes App Store.

Set during Earth’s final days, High Flyer Death Defyer is a frantically paced “avoider” style action game that plummets players past floating cities as they dodge death traps, collect treasures and scream past colossal mechanically-augmented monsters. Players take the role of heroic explorer and treasure hunter Arreon as he uncovers the secrets scattered outside the floating fortress Caen. Breaking the city’s oldest rule — no one leaves — Arreon braves the perilous skies in search of freedom and truth.

“High Flyer Death Defyer is really us planting our flag in the mobile landscape as an indie developer. This is Game Mechanic Studios’ first self-published title and we’re truly proud of what we’ve done — High Flyer exemplifies our commitment to developing one-of-a-kind titles,” said Jason Alejandre, president, creative director and co-founder of Game Mechanic Studios. “The game’s original storyline, intense gameplay and stunning comic book style graphics really highlight what is possible on the latest mobile devices — even with a small indie team.”

Blending hardcore production value and depth with the pick-up-and-play ability of casual games, High Flyer Death Defyer demonstrates the innovation coming out of indie developers. With nine non-linear levels, 26 Jetpack Test Missions, incredible graphics, a complete digital comic book and virtually endless replay ability, High Flyer Death Defyer represents a robust offering optimized to show off the capabilities of the newest iOS devices.

High Flyer Death Defyer is now available on the iPad 2 for $5.99 and will be available on launch day for the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 version of the game can also be downloaded for $4.99.