David Jaffe on Online Pass Inclusion in Twisted Metal

by on January 23, 2012

The dreaded “online pass debate”. It rages on and on. We first heard about the new phenomena back in Summer of last year and things still haven’t died down. Every time a game is announced to have it – which is pretty much everything now, all future Sony title WILL have it – it is news. David Jaffe, the potty-mouthed creative director of Twisted Metal, has posted a video on his YouTube channel with regard a ton of stuff in relation to the car-smashing mayhem of Sweet Tooth and company.

The biggest thing viewers can take away from this is, that Twisted Metal does indeed have an online pass – forward the video to about 16 minutes in. David Jaffe has said previously that he has mixed emotions on the publisher and developer’s…combat technique to used games and also said that he didn’t want one in Twisted Metal, which he also says in the video. “We have to build a whole new fan base”, says Jaffe about the game as the team are looking at it as a new IP. The online pass is something that obviously tears Jaffe in many directions as he wants people to experience every aspect of the game. “It wasn’t my call…It’s Sony’s game, they funded it and I respect their decision”

With regard other Twisted news, Jaffe said a demo will be out in the near future and that it will be getting a patch on day one. Vehicle damage was an issue as cars were getting wrecked from ramming and something called the “sixaxis slam”. There will also be another few subtle changes to the game. He also spoke about future patches that would increase level size, however, that won’t be addressed in the day one patch.

You can check out David Jaffe’s video below.

Twisted Metal is set for release on 17th February for PlayStation 3

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