Bioshock Infinite’s Boys of Silence

by on March 20, 2012

Bioshock-Infinite's-Boys-of-SilenceIrrational Games have just released another tantalizingly brief but mouth watering trailer today, showing a brand new enemy in the game, Boys of Silence.

Although blind the Boys of Silence seem to have very sensitive hearing, and will try to hunt out the player forcing them to be as quite as possible. If found the Boys can call out for help, releasing a terrifying scream.

Bioshock is already famous for its incredibly creepy characters, that have us scared to go round each corner of its beautifully tragic world. With characters like the Motorized Patriot and Handyman already announced, Infinite looks like it will take that feeling of suspense to a whole new level.  Hopefully we will see more from Ken Levine and his team as we get closer to E3.

Infinite is already at the top of a lot of peoples most wanted lists for 2012, and it seems certain to take the series to new heights, literally. Bioshock Infinite recently received a release date of October 16th in the US and 19th in Europe.