Final Fantasy Makes Top 20 On ClassicFM’s Hall of Fame, But That’s Not All

by on April 10, 2012

Final Fantasy Charts On ClassicFM's Hall of Fame, But That's Not AllGreat news for fans of videogame music, as two shining examples of the genre make a splash on ClassicFM’s Hall of Fame 2012.

You may remember something I posted a few months ago, regarding a campaign to vote for a piece of videogame music for ClassicFM’s Hall of Fame. “Aerith’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VII was chosen, and game music fans voted in their masses.

The results from ClassicFM’s poll were revealed over the last few days, with an incredibly positive and unexpected result. Not only did “Aerith’s Theme” reach 16th place out of 300 pieces of music, but “Dragonborn” from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim reached 238 on the chart.

While both pieces of music were met with some snobbery, the fact that both pieces of music were voted for and accepted by ClassicFM is an incredible achievement, and a milestone in getting videogame music the recognition is deserves.

Congratulations to all who put this campaign together – Here’s hoping for more success in the future!