EA to Spend $80 Million on Next-Gen Game Development

by on May 8, 2012

EA-to-Spend-$80-Dollars-on-Next-Gen-Game-DevelopmentEA have announced they’re to spend a cool $80 million on next-gen console development in fiscal year 2013.

It feels like the speculation over the next-gen has gone on for so long we may as well skip it and go straight to the next next-gen, with that being said at least developers and publishers are starting to talk openly about it. EA CEO John Riccitiello had this to say regarding the company’s announcement:

“We are strong believers that console will return to strong growth, and represent a great opportunity, one that is in lockstep with our digital plans.”

With EA recording $4.2 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2012, the company certainly has the cash to start investing in future systems. It is still unlikely we’ll see any next-gen console before late 2013, with Microsoft and Sony both announcing they won’t be showing anything at this years E3.

For a look at what the next-gen systems could be like, check out Lee’s new feature Creating The Ultimate Next-Gen Console.

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