Borderlands 2 Goes On Safari In New Trailer

by on July 12, 2012

Borderlands 2 Goes On Safari In New TrailerHere at God is a Geek, we’re all pretty excited about Borderlands 2. This means that whenever anything new creeps out into the open, our excitement pounces onto it like a hungry lion.

It’s pretty apt, therefore, that the latest trailer released for Gearbox Software’s upcoming sequel features  not only a song that appeared in the Lion King., but also a safari.

Featuring a ton of exciting new footage for the cel-shaded FPS-RPG hybrid, it’s fair to say that the trailer has got me salivating once more. Combined with ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ in the background, it just might be the best trailer of the year so far. The stage is set for more adventures on Pandora when the game releases in September, with everything from awesome weaponry and humourous dialogue to the return of  everyone’s favourite dysfunctional robot. All together now- A WIMOWEH, A WIMOWEH.

If the trailer still doesn’t get you salivating, or you’re hungry for more news, then stay tuned for more Borderlands 2 goodness in the coming days here on God is a Geek.