Realms of Ancient War Cooperative Trailer

by on September 12, 2012

Realms of Ancient War Cooperative TrailerIt’s fair to say that Focus Home Interactive aren’t being particularly subtle when it comes to marketing their isometric hack ‘n’ slash action-RPG, Realms of Ancient War. For instance, abbreviating the name to an always capitalised “R.A.W” and filling every trailer with booming music and magical explosions goes a long way in setting the desired tone.

Developed by WizarBox, R.A.W is a Diablo-alike fantasy adventure where the onus is on killing and looting and levelling up so you can earn better gear and more powerful spells to continue killing and looting and… well, you get the idea.

Set in a world ravaged by war, R.A.W allows you to choose from the standard roster of warrior, rogue and mage with which to battle hundreds of enemies and save the various dungeon-filled kingdoms of humans, elves and dwarves. To be fair, it’s not hugely original. Or original at all, really – but that’s not what R.A.W is working toward. WizarBox know their audience and are catering whole-heartedly for the compulsive lootaholics of the world.

As the new trailer shows, R.A.W supports drop-in, drop-out cooperative play for two adventurers, which should add a tactical slant to proceedings as you assume the standard RPG roles of tank, dps (damage per second) and support to supplement each other in combat. It’s especially handy as the enemies are tougher and in greater number when you’re working with a partner. Check out the vid below for a preview of the buddy-up hack ‘n’ slashery to come.

Realms of Ancient War will be available to download from PSN and Xbox Live in Europe on September 19th and in America on September 25th. The PC version will launch on October 4th.

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