Darkstalkers Resurrection Concept Art, Character Bios and Videos Are Released

by on January 21, 2013

Darkstalkers Resurrection Concept Art, Character Bios and Videos Are ReleasedA couple of days ago, Capcom released some info on some of the characters in the upcoming 2D fighting game; Darkstalkers Resurrection. Today, they’ve graced us with some art of the latest crop of characters to be announced, along with four videos of the game in action.

Morrigan and Demitri take centre stage as Capcom break down the convoluted, yet glorious histories of these two Darkstalkers that have been resurrected…do you see what I did there? Clever.


Morrigan Aensland’s life has always been split between her two homes – the demon world known as the Makai, and the human world. Born in Scotland in the 17th Century, Morrigan’s immense power, even as an infant, was felt by Belial Aensland, ruler of the Makai. Knowing that she would be the best fit to rule the Makai after his death, Belial adopted Morrigan into House
Aensland and named her his heir.

Although she was raised in the Makai, she often grew bored with the politics and scheming within it. She much preferred the human world she was born in, and would take every moment to sneak out of the dull Aensland castle and travel through the gates to the other side, where she would spend the nights seeking fun and excitement. How she got this would depend on the evening; sometimes she would simply seek the company of another, and other nights, she would prefer to get her excitement through the thrill of battle.

Despite her seemingly carefree ways, though, Morrigan still remained one of the most powerful, and most influential, Darkstalkers in existence.


Demitri Maximoff was once one of the most influential nobles in the demon realm of the Makai. However, being ever-thirsty for power, Demitri challenged the ruler of the demons Belial Aensland. Belial easily defeated him and, as a lesson to all would-be usurpers, exiled  
wounded Demitri and his castle to the light of the human world.

For one hundred years, Demitri hid in his castle, regaining his strength. He preyed upon adventurers who wandered into his castle, feasting upon their blood and making them serve him. He continued waiting until his strength was recovered enough that he could walk in broad daylight with no ill effects. Having waited over a century, Demitri was ready to again make his claim to the throne of the Makai, and get revenge on the whole of House Aensland.

After the announcement of Felicia and Jon Talbain as characters in Darkstalkers Resurrection, we now have videos profiling them, along with Morrigan and Demitri, which you can watch, below.

Darkstalkers Resurrection will be released on March 14 for Xbox 360 (via Xbox LIVE Arcade) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network)

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