New Darkstalkers Resurrection Concept Art and Character Bios

by on January 18, 2013

New Darkstalkers Resurrection Concept Art and Character BiosIt may have made an appearance on the PSP as a launch title (control pad be damned) but compared to Street Fighter, the excellent Darkstalkers/Vampire series of fighters has been dead in the water since the awesome Vampire Savior For Matching Service on the late, great Dreamcast.

Thank heavens then that it is officially back from the dead, with Darkstalkers Resurrection very much on the horizon, giving 2K13 its first proper dose of Capcom fighty awesomeness. Iron Galaxy are in control of the PSN and XBLA download, so chances are it will be ace – they did a mighty job on the recent Marvel bundle.

Capcom have today unleashed some fantastic concept art and the following two Biographies, which need to be savoured to get a feel for the mental B-movie horrorfest that is the menagerie of Vampire brawlers. Over to Capcom!


Felicia is part of a half-human race called the catwomen, which were one of the only Darkstalker species that managed to integrate into human society, albeit still with some remaining prejudice. As for Felicia herself, she was orphaned as a infant, and taken in by a Catholic nun named Sister Rose, who raised her to be a kind and generous individual. Throughout her childhood, though, Felicia’s love of singing and dancing led her to dream of starring in musical theater.

When Sister Rose passed away, Felicia left the convent she grew up in to travel around America, looking for her big break into show business. As she explored different places, she befriended other catwomen who joined her on her quest to become famous. Along the way, many Darkstalkers who met her saw her as a human-loving threat, forcing her to fight more than she’d like. But throughout all her journeys and attempts to make it big, Felicia’s upbringing still reminds her that fame isn’t what’s important – making others happy is.

Jon Talbain

Jon Talbain has been alone his whole life. His mother died shortly after childbirth, and the only thing he knew of his father is that he was a werewolf. As such, Jon also inherited the wolf’s curse, which took hold when the moon shone upon him at night. The society he tried to integrate to cast him aside, and he was alone again.

However, Jon would not allow himself to be controlled by the beast inside him, and swore to control it instead. To do so, he learned the martial arts, so to discipline himself, and to bring himself beyond his limits as a human, to become strong enough to fight the wolf side of himself.

Setting off on a journey of self-fulfillment, Jon seeks to fight those stronger than himself, so to bring himself beyond all his limits, and perhaps in doing so, become human again one day.

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Darkstalkers Resurrection is released on March 14th for Xbox Live Arcade and on the PlayStation Network.

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