Enjoy Six Free PlayStation Mobile Games, Courtesy of Sony

by on January 16, 2013

Whether you use a PS Vita or a PlayStation Certified device, you can enjoy some free games.

Free things are always welcome, especially when those things are games. It feels like not a week goes by where a swarm of free games fly at us, screaming “PLAY ME, I DON’T COST ANYTHING!”.

This time around, those games have come from Sony’s bulging hive of fun. In a post on Sony’s PlayStation site, they have announced that every week for six weeks, you can download a free PlayStation Mobile game. Starting today, these games can be downloaded and enjoyed on either your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation-Certified device.

To access PlayStation Mobile games, you can simply browse for them on the PlayStation Store on your Vita, or follow these handy instructions to access the PlayStation Mobile Store on your PlayStation-Certified device.

According to today’s PlayStation Blog post, this week’s game is Samurai Beatdown, a simple rhythm-action game.

Go on, grab yourself some free games!