Streets of Rage 4 Rejected By SEGA, Confirms Series Composer

by on January 7, 2013

Streets of Rage 4 Rejected By SEGA, Confirms Series ComposerThe classic 16-bit brawler series doesn’t go out in a Blaze of glory.

Gamers of a certain age will remember the brilliant Streets of Rage games for the SEGA Mega Drive, a series of side-scrolling brawlers that have yet to be bettered. But according to Destructoid, a long-rumoured fourth game was on the cards.

At the annual MAGFest 11 (Music And Games Festival), the man who wrote the cracking techno-laced beats of all three games, Yuzo Koshiro revealed that a decade ago, a prototype for a potential Streets of Rage 4 was rejected by SEGA. He hasn’t heard of any concrete details or discussions since then.

Last year, a video surfaced revealing that Ruffian Games (developers of Crackdown 2) had prototyped their own version of Streets of Rage 4, which also never came to anything:

A long-running petition has kept the hope of a new SoR game alive in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. All three games regularly feature in all of SEGA’s classic compilations, so they must realise there is a market for a fourth game. Surely a downloadable title could be a good thing for SEGA?